Frank Carbone For Commissioner District 2
Nye County Nevada

Hello, my name is Frank Carbone; I am running for County Commissioner District 2.

My goals for Nye County are to utilize my skills and 30 years of experience and negotiation to bring new businesses into Nye County. New jobs cannot happen without new businesses to create them. Our Town and County needs to rethink its impact fees and consider tax breaks to make it easier for new business to start up and thrive.

When new and existing businesses thrive so does our County as a whole. This means that roads can be chipped and sealed, repairs on roads done correctly and in a timely fashion and traffic lights installed at busy intersections with the sustained tax revenue.

We need not have another Blagg Road issue. We don't need to inconvenience the people and businesses. The Commissioners need to act fast to insure that the public and businesses are not affected when a main road is damaged.

I will look for funding for our Animal Control services. Nye is a big County, the third largest in the United States and it takes trained people to do the Animal Control job right.

I will re-establish credibility and integrity in the handling of budgets we are responsible for.

I would point out that many State and County employee's retirement funds are underfunded. I will make every effort to understand if Nye County has this issue and fix it if it exists.

I will work with all Federal, State, County and Town entities in order to provide access to land for recreational vehicles from Pahrump up and though Wheeler pass, Pahrump up and to Beatty and Tonopah. This would bring tourism to all through Nye County.

Nye County has a large inventory of vacant homes on the market with the majority of them being in Pahrump. This gives our County an opportunity to advertise throughout the Country to folks who are reaching retirement age and offering them a large selection of homes at an affordable price, creating established income that does not require new jobs.

I hear complaints that the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meetings are too early in the day for the majority of the public to attend. I will see about changing the hours on the day of the meetings to accommodate a later meeting with staff support, allowing for a larger portion of the public to attend the BOCC meetings.

My background is in Planning and Program Management, Tooling Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Procurement and Production Control aka Supply Chain Management.

My goal is to support the people that elect me, to sit and listen to their needs and beliefs in how to direct our County and Town. I know I'm the better choice to fill the District 2 Commissioner Seat.

As Commissioners we need to stop the U.Ns attack on U.S sovereignty with things like Agenda 21, ICLEI,(international Council for Local Environmental Initiatives)and Public Private Partnerships by educating all of the County/Town employees and the public what Agenda 21 is about. This is a must read.

I will be donating 10% of my commissioner's pay to a charity with in the town of Pahrump.

Click Here to Read Agenda 21 >>>

"Exercise Your Right to Vote!"
Vote Frank Carbone for District 2 Commissioner on Nov 6, 2012.